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Altadena Coalition of Neighborhood Associations

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ACONA Meeting History

May 28, 2024 •
Meeting NotesChatAgenda
Altadena Library Parks & RecSGV Mosquito ControlAltadenaWILDUWS
• Summer Activities
  Altadena Library, Brin Wall
  LACO Parks & Recreation, Guillermo Portillo
• Update on Nuccio Property
  Sarah Wolf, AltadenaWILD
• Mosquito Info
  Anais Medina, SGV Mosquito & Vector Control
• United Waste Systems
  Chris Sheppard, LA County Public Works
  Khaled Alma, LA County Public Works
  Matt Blackburn, Universal Waste Systems
  Shawna Dawson Beer, Altadena Beautiful

March 26, 2024 •
Meeting Notes Meeting Agenda • Slides: STRsADUsResources
• Short-Term Rentals (STRs)
  Deondria Barajas, Treasurer & Tax Collector's Office
  Hamlet Panosian, Treasurer & Tax Collector's Office
• Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
  Kenneth Warner, LA County Regional Planning
  Connie Chung, LA County Regional Planning
  Zoe Axelrod, LA County Regional Planning
  Edward Rojas, LA County Regional Planning

January 30, 2024 • Meeting Notes Meeting Agenda/slides
• Updates from Nic Arnzen, Altadena Town Council:
  - UWS trash problems, reliability, and price increase
  - Poly/Chaney trail development update

  - Roadway improvements
• Land Use: Overview of the work done by the ATC Land Use Committee
  Speaker: Diane Marcussen, ATC Land Use Committee Chair
• Filming in Altadena
  Amy Kradolfer, Director Integrated Communications, FilmLA
  Gary Smith, LA County Film Office, Dept. of Economic Opportunity
  Paul Audley, President, FilmLA

November 29, 2023 •
Meeting Notes Meeting Agenda/slides
• Community Issues Updates
  Nic Arnzen Altadena Town Council
  Captain Jabari Williams, Altadena Sheriff's Station
  Dorothy Wong, Altadena Town Council
   - Questions raised by ACONA survey, including the
     Devil's Gate Restoration Project
   - 24 Hour Fitness management response / plan to curb thefts
     and break-ins (vehicles and lockers)
   - Who is responsible for keeping right of way open for
     foot travel between curb/edge of road and property lines
   - Best way to report right of way issues, short term
     rental home infractions, and un-permitted street vendors
• Traffic and safety improvement updates
  Speaker: Julian Garcia LA County Public Works
• West San Gabriel Valley Area Plan and its impact on Altadena
  Speaker: Adrine Arakelian, LA County Regional Planner

September 26, 2023 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda/slides
• Updates on previous topics
  Speaker: Nic Arnzen, Altadena Town Council & ACONA
- Farmers Markets
  - Bear Cart Rollout/Bear Wise Program
  - Tree Trimming and Removal Tips/Guidance
  - Poly Sports Complex Project
• SCE Upgrades in The Meadows

  Speaker: David Ford, SCE Government Relations Manager
• Water during Fire Season
  Speaker: Nina Jazmadarian, General Mgr., Foothill Municipal Water Dist.

May 23, 2023 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda/slidesVideo (178MB)
• Nuccio property acquisition by Polytechnic School
  John Bracker, Head of Polytechnic School
  Lisa Wu, Polytechnic School
  Holly Williams, Land Use Consultant
  Michael Bicay, President, Altadena WILD
• The "new" trash service and Altadena's organic waste
  Clark Aswan, Sr. Civil Engineer, LA County Public Works
  Matt Blackburn, Universal Waste Systems
  John Gasparian, Jr., American Reclamation
• The topics you want at future ACONA meetings
  Speaker: Nicholaus Arnzen, Altadena Town Council & ACONA Planning Committee

March 28, 2023 • Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda/slides
• Altadena Libraries: The new design
    Nikki Winslow, Altadena Library District Director
    Mark Schoeman, Architect, ABA
• Update on Safe Streets and sidewalks in Altadena
  Speaker: Daniel Quintana, P.E., Sr. Civil Engineer, LA County Public Works

January 24, 2023 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda/slidesVideo
• Preparing for fire/earthquake; Disaster preparedness for pets
  Speaker: Deb Halberstadt
• Two pedestrian deaths in Altadena

    Captain Jabari Williams, Altadena Sheriff's Station
    Jeremy Keller, California Highway Patrol
• Review of pedestrian and traffic safety in Altadena
  Matthew Dubiel, PE, LA County Public Works

November 16, 2022 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda/slides
• Mandate to cut back on electricity usage and use solar panels
  Speaker: David Ford, Southern California Edison Local Public Affairs
• Grey water use
  Speaker: Josep Ferrer, Communications Manager, Greywater Corps

September 27, 2022 • Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda
• New Waste Pickup in Altadena
    Matt Blackburn, VP, Universal Waste Systems (UWS)
    Michelle Newsham, Reporting/Compliance Manager, UWS
• Filming in Altadena
    Paul Audley, Film LA
    Gary Smith, LA County
• Drought and Fires in Altadena
    Jennifer Betancourt-Torres, General Mgr., Lincoln Avenue Water Co.

May 24, 2022 •
Meeting NotesMeeting AgendaKinneloa slides
• Statewide Drought: Supplies and Conservation Actions
    Nina Jazmadarian, General Manager, Foothill Municipal Water District
    Mel Matthews, General Manager, Kinneloa Irrigation District
• What the County Offers about Setting Up Small Business
  Speaker: Ernesto Bobadilla, Acting Chief, LA County Dept. of Consumer and
  Business Affairs Small Business Office

March 22, 2022 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda
• History of Altadena
  Speaker: Michelle Zack, Altadena historian and author
• Altadena Town Council: what it is, what it does
  Speaker: Veronica Jones, ATC Executive Committee Chair

January 25, 2022 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda
• Update on the New Compost Law & Athens Rate Increases
  Speaker: Ed Chen, Government Affairs Director, Athens Services
• Slow-Down Signs, Public Works Traffic
  Speaker: Matthew Dubiel, P.E., Sr. Civil Engineer, LA County Public Works
• Edison vs. Clean Power Alliance: Pros and Cons
  Speaker: Sherita Coffelt, Clean Power Alliance

November 17, 2021 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda
• Altadena Sheriff's Station's New Captain
  Speaker: Capt. Jabari Williams
• Affordable Housing in Altadena
  Tahirah Farris, LA County Department of Regional Planning
  Nathan Merrick, LA County Coastal Development Services

September 28, 2021 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda
• Fire Prevention
  N. Jamahl Butler, District Ranger, Forest Service
  Lt. Mark S. Skaggs, Altadena Station Operations, Altadena Sheriff's Station
  Greg Short, Battalion Chief. Los Angeles County Fire Department
• Covid-19 Update: Vaccinations and the new variants
  Speaker: Anders Corey, Health Deputy for Supervisor Barger

May 25, 2021 •
Meeting Notes Meeting Agenda
• Southern California Edison, Tree Trimming and Forest Fires
    David Guzman, SCE Operations Manager, Vegetation Management
    David Ford, SCE Operations Government Relations Manager
• Parking Enforcement in Altadena
    Jonathan Gonzalez, Sr. Civil Engineering Asst., LA County Public Works
    Lt. Mark S. Skaggs, Altadena Sheriff's Station
• The Drought in Altadena
    Jennifer Betancourt Torres, General Manager, Lincoln Avenue Water

March 23, 2021 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda & PresentationsFive Acres presentation
• Group Homes in Altadena
        Gina Peck-Sobolewski, Hathaway-Sycamores
        Elizabeth Gonzalez. Five Acres
• Trail Access and Crowding during Covid
        Zachary Likins, LA County Trails Planning
        Jonathan Gonzalez, LA County Public Works
• Living with Wildlife
    Speaker: Rebecca Barboza, California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

January 26, 2021 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda
Addressing Gang Violence in Altadena
A panel discussion on what actions community groups are taking to stem gang violence in Altadena.
Panel Members:
Capt. Marjory Jacobs, Altadena Sheriff's Station
Paul Livingstone, Soul Force Project — using diverse music to celebrate alternatives to violence
Dominick Correy, District Representative, Sen. Portantino's Office
Brian Biery, Flintridge Center
Nina Ehlig, SENCH neighborhood association

November 18, 2020 • Meeting NotesMeeting AgendaCOVID Update Presentation
• Getting Prepared for the Next Fire
  Speaker: Chief Kristian Litz, Los Angeles County Fire Department
• Homelessness in Altadena
  Speaker: Dana Rae Vanderford, LA Co. Homelessness Policy Deputy
• COVID Update
  Speaker: Millicent Wilson, M.D.

September 22, 2020 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda & Presentations
• Bobcat Fire Update
  LA County Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Wes Anzai
  LA County Fire Dept. Community Svcs. Liaison Maria Grycan
• Altadena Town Council Update
  Speaker: ATC Chairman Billy Malone
    Barking dogs; Trash; Complaints; Recycling centers

• Altadena Sheriff's Station Update
  Speaker: Captain Marjory Jacobs
    Parking enforcement; Station closing; Speeding;
    Independent committees; Divesting funds

May 26, 2020 •
Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda & Presentations [large file]
• Leaf Blowers
   Dan Mabe, Founder/CEO/President, AGZA American Green Zone

   Michael Cacciotti, Board Member, South Coast Air Quality Management
   District (SCAQMD)

• Altadena Library Update & Resources
  Speaker: Nikki Winslow, Library District Director, Altadena Library District
• Cyber Crime and Social Media
  Speaker: Deb Halberstadt

March 24, 2020 [cancelled]

January 28, 2020   Meeting NotesMeeting Agenda & Presentations
• Edison Tree Trimming and Climate Change Impacts
    Rebecca Latta, Arborist
    David Ford, Government Relations Manager, SCE
    Gerardo Avila, Vegetation Activities, SCE
• Aging and Senior Assistance
  Speaker: Dana Barcelona-Bonner, Family Resource & Community Partnerships, Regency Park Astoria
• School Closures
  Speaker: Kim Kenne, PUSD Board Member

November 20, 2019  
Meeting NotesMeeting AgendaRobocalls SlidesHomeless Issues Slides
• Robocalls and the Do Not Call List
  Speaker: Robert Quigley, Federal Trade Commission LA Office
• Homeless Issues in Altadena
  Speaker: Dty. Rodney Gutierrez, Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST)

September 24, 2019   Meeting Notes Meeting Slides
• Illegal Dumping (and whom to call)
  Speaker: Jessica Aldridge, Sustainability Manager, Athens Services
• Property Rehab (what to do and whom to call about a neighbor)

    Ciara Barnett, Sr. Civil Engineer, LA Co. Public Works
    Robert Tabares, Code Enforcement/Property Rehab, No. Region LA Co.
    Yosh Morisaku, Sr. Civil Engineer, LA Co. Public Works
    Kevin Petrowksy, Section Assistant, So. Region LA Co.

• Businesses in Altadena (and how do we help new ones?)
  Speakers: Ernesto Bobadilla & Chris Perry, Office of Small Business, LA Co. Consumer & Business Affairs

May 28, 2019   Meeting Notes Meeting Slides/Search & RescueDevil's Gate Slides (large file) • Water Supply SlidesResources
• Extension of Deadline to Register Fences and Hedges
 Speakers: Ai-Viet Huynh & Alex Garcia, LA County Dept. of Regional Planning
• Search & Rescue in Altadena (helicopters, etc)
 Speakers: Alex Canchola & Dan Paige, Altadena Sheriff's Station
• Devil's Gate Reservoir Restoration Project Update
 Speakers: Brittany Barker & Steve Burger, LA County Public Works
• Update on Water in Altadena (after the rains)
 Speaker: Melvin Matthews, General Manager, Kinneloa Irrigation District

March 26, 2019   Meeting Notes Meeting SlidesClean Power Alliance SlidesResources
• Tree Trimming by SCE to Prevent Wildfires
 Speakers: David Ford,, Government Relations Manager, David Guzman, Manager of Vegetation Management, SCE
• Tree Trimming from an Arborist's Perspective
 Speaker: Rebecca Latta, Certified Treee Risk Assessor
• Clean Power Alliance
 Speaker: Christian Cruz, Community Outreach Manager

January 30, 2019   Meeting Notes PowerPoint AgendaResources
• ADUs: Accessory Dwelling Units (Granny Flats)
 Speaker: Ayala Scott, LA County Regional Planning Department
• Leaf Blowers and Title 12 Environmental Protection
 Speaker: Robert Vasquez, LA County Department of Public Health
• Protecting Homes from House Fires and Wildfires
 Speaker: Maria Grycan, LA County Fire Department

November 27, 2018   Meeting Notes PowerPoint AgendaResources
• Grocery Outlet Store on Lake Avenue
 Speakers: Michell & Mario Guajardo
• Credit and Debit Card Crimes in Altadena
 Speaker: Detective Derric Taylor, Altadena Sheriff's Station
• Southern California Edison Infrastructure: Public Safety Shutdowns
 Speaker: David A. Ford, Government Relations Manager, SCE Local Public Affairs
• Altadena Fence Registration
 Speaker: Alex Garcia, Supervising Regional Planner, Zoning Enforcement East, Department of Regional Planning
• New County Traffic Safety Initiative
 Speaker: Alexis Lantz, Policy Analyst, PLACE Program (Policies for Livable Active Communities and Environments), LA County Department of Public Health

September 25, 2018   Meeting Notes PowerPoint AgendaResources
• Update on the Altadena Library
 Presenter: Terry Andrues, Altadena Library Board of Trustees
• Parked Car Safety
 Presenter: Capt. Vicki Stuckey, Altadena Sheriff's Station
• Day One Walk to School Day
 Presenter: Jazmine de la Torre, Healthy Communities Initiative
• Recycling and Zero Waste
 Presenter: Jonathan Levy, Zero Waste Project Manager

May 22, 2018   Meeting Notes PowerPoint AgendaResources
• Update on the drought — rain this season to date & reservoir levels
 Presenter: Demitri Polyzos, Metropolitan Water District
• Capturing and conserving water in Altadena
 Presenter: Nicki Sherman, The River Project/Water LA
• Pruning/removal of trees by So. Cal Edison on public and private property
 Presenter: David Guzman, Southern California Edison

March 27, 2018   Meeting NotesPowerPoint AgendaResources
• Urban wildlife and coyotes
 Jim Hartman, LA County Agriculture Commission
• Trash pick-up in Altadena, including recyclables and bulky items
 Jessica Aldridge, Athens Services
 Steve Milewski, LA County Public Works
• Altadena Community Standards District (CSD) update on fences and hedge heights
 Richard Marshalian, Mark Herwick, Alex Garcia, Barbara Childers
 LA County Dept. of Regional Planning, Zoning Enforcement East

January 23, 2018   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
Complete Streets
  Speaker: Elaine Kunitake

Overview of the LA County Department of Public Works
  Speaker: James Yang

November 28, 2017  
Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
Starting a Neighborhood Watch/A map of current Watch groups in Altadena
  Speakers: Jeff Sed!ik, Neighborhood Watch volunteer
    Captain Vicki Stuckey, Altadena Sheriff's Station

Parking/traffic issues at Altadena schools due to child pick-up
  Speakers: Officers Bejar & Ulloa, CHP, Capt. Vicki Stuckey, Altadena Sheriff's Station
    Anne Lee, Alma Fuerte
    Lauren O'Neill, Odyssey Charter School
    Benita Scheckel, Altadena Elementary School
    Douglas Garrett, Pasadena Waldorf School

September 26, 2017  
Meeting NotesPowerPoint AgendaResources
• Altadena Library Update
  Speaker: Mindy Kitty, Director, Altadena Library District
• Altadena Town Council Update
  Speakers: Pat Sutherlen, Vice Chair, Okorie Ezieme, Chair, Altadena Town Council
• California Waterfix: Modernizing the System
  Speaker: Christine Frey, Metropolitan Water District

May 23, 2017  
Meeting NotesPowerPoint AgendaResources
• Drones in Altadena
  Speaker: Deputy Dan Paige, Altadena Sheriff's Station
• Summertime Activities
  Speaker: Mary Gothart
• Neighborhood Associations/Neighborhood Watches
  Speakers: Neighborhood Block Captains

March 28, 2017   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Pasadena Humane Society Services to Altadena
  Speaker: Elizabeth Richer-Campo, Sr. VP, Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA
• What's All the Shooting About?
  Speaker: Capt. Vicki Stuckey, Altadena Sheriff's Station
Speaker: Chief Phillip Sanchez, Pasadena Police Department
Speaker: Natalie Salazar, Crimestoppers

January 24, 2017   Meeting NotesPowerPoint AgendaAltadena Library Presentation
• Altadena Library, Past Present Future
  Speaker: Mindy Kittay, Director, Altadena Library District

• Pasadena Unified School District Update
  Speaker: Kim Kenne, District 1 representative

November 22, 2016   Meeting NotesPowerPoint AgendaCSD Presentation
The Teams & People who will work together to Keep us Prepared in Altadena for any Fire or Earthquake Disaster
• CERT - Community Emergency Response Team
  Speaker: Deputy Dan Paige, Altadena Sheriff's Station
• MYN - Map Your Neighborhood
  Speaker: Steve Reagan
• Radio & ALERT FM
  Speaker: Nancee Darling
• Drones - The facts of what you can and can't do with Drones in an emergency situation
  Speaker: Dty Dan Paige
• Community Standards District (CSD) Update- What are the facts and pending changes affecting Altadena
  Speaker: Jim Osterling, Vice Chair, CSD Committee
  Speaker: Richard Marshalian, Regional Planning Assistant II, Department of Regional Planning, Advance Planning

September 27, 2016   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Altadena Sheriff's Station: new staff, comments on recent shootings
  Speaker: Captain Vickie Stuckey
• Traffic and Lighting and Road Maintenance (including speed bumps)
  Edward Lee, Associate Civil Engineer, LA County (road and sidewalk maintenance)
  John Ickis, LA County Traffic & Lighting (speed humps)
  Carl Pederson III, LA County Department of Traffic and Lighting will answer questions.
• The Hahamonga/Eaton Wash Altadena to Pasadena water pipeline
  Ken Zimmer, Water Conservation Planning, LA County

May 24, 2016   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Statewide Drought: Supplies and Conservation Actions
  Daniel Drugan, Water Program Technician, Foothill Municipal Water District
• Bike and Pedestrian Traffic Safety in Altadena
  Captain Steve Strull, California Highway Patrol
  Officer Xavier Bejar, California Highway Patrol
• Fireworks in Altadena
  Captain Vicki Stuckey, Altadena Sheriff's Station
  Lt. Rob Lewis, Altadena Sheriff's Station
• Fire Danger Is Early This Year!
  Stephanie English, Community Services Liaison, Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Div. 3

March 29, 2016   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• NASA Groundwater Cleanup at JPL • Presentation Slides
  Merrilee Fellows, NASA Manager for Community Involvement
  Steve Slaten, NASA Management Office, Facilities and Environmental Manager
  David Conner, Senior Geologist
• Devil's Gate to Eaton Pipeline Project •
Presentation Slides
  Keith Lilley, Department of Public Works, County of Los Angeles
• Water Projects & Panel Discussion •
Presentation Slides
  Bradley R. Boman, Engineering Manager, City of Pasadena
  Lisa Yamashita-Lopez, General Manager, Rubio Canyon Land and Water Association
  Robert Hayward, General Manager, Lincoln Avenue Water Company
  Nina Jazmadarian, General Manager, Foothill Municipal Water District
  Melvin Matthews, General Manager, Kinneloa Water District
NEW: Information on the Clean Water Act available under this date in the Resources tab

January 26, 2016  
Meeting NotesPowerPoint AgendaEl Niño Presentation
• Altadena Town Council Update
  Diane Marcussen, ATC Chairman
• Fire Danger and Preparation
  Stephanie English, Community Services Liaison, LA County Fire Department Division III
• El Niño and the Drought
  J. Lopez, Assistant Chief, LA County Fire Department Forestry Division

November 3, 2015  
Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• New Captain at the Altadena Sheriff's Station
  Captain Vicki Stuckey
• El Niño
  Jeff Reeb, Director of the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management
  Keith Lilley, Los Angeles County Public Works Dept. Water Resources Div
• Barking Dogs in Altadena
  Sheri Koenig, Animal Control Manager, Baldwin Park Animal Care Center
  Sgt. Zeke Morales, LA County Animal Control
• LA County Concerns
  Sussy Nemer, Senior Deputy for Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

September 29, 2015
  Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Feeding Ourselves and Our Neighbors during the Drought
  Rachael Maysels, Food Forward Back Yard Harvest Program
  Rachel Surls, Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program

May 26, 2015
  Meeting NotesPowerPoint AgendaFMWD Presentation
• The Drought & Conservation Measures
  Nina Jazmadarian, Daniel Drugan, Foothill Municipal Water District
• Robocalls and the Do Not Call List
  Gerald Phillips, Field Representative for Assemblymember Chris Holden

March 24, 2015   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Code enforcement in Altadena   (See Resources for Q&A)
  Alex Garcia, Zoning Enforcement, LA County
  Tim Grover, Building and Safety, LA County
 • Five-minute updates on:
  • Nixel: How do you subscribe to get Altadena Station Alerts?
  • CAC [The Sheriff's Community Advisory Committee]
  • Map Your Neighborhood [MYN]
  •  Rainfall

January 27, 2015   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Map Your Neighborhood
  Steve Reagan, MYN Committee Chair
  Liz Giordano, CERT's Red Cross Liaison
  Deb Halberstadt, Facilitator Trainer
  Nancee Darling of ALERT

November 4, 2014   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Sheriff’s Report on Shooting/Killing at Fair Oaks Burger & Gangs
  Deputy Mike Spina, Altadena Station LASD
  Natalie Salazar, Crime Stoppers
• Fire Season—Safety and Preparation
  Stephanie English, Community Services Liaison, LA County Fire Department
• The Drought/ What We Can/Should Do
  Shan Kwan, Assistant General Manager, Pasadena Water & Power
  Jennifer Guess, Public Information Coordinator, Pasadena Water & Power

September 23, 2014   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• The Drought/ What We Can/Should Do (See Resources page for water company responses)
  Lisa Yamashita-Lopez Rubio Canon Land and Water Association, Operations Manager
  Robert J. Hayward Lincoln Avenue Water Company, General Manager
  William Kimberling Las Flores Water Co, General Manager

May 6, 2014   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Pasadena Unified School District Update
  Kim Kenne PUSD Board, District 1 (West Altadena)
• Walkability Study Follow-up
  Barbie Ishida from NBBA (Neighbors Building a Better Altadena)

March 4, 2014   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• “Foreboding Weather: Live it up while you can” (see Resources page for this presentation)
  Robert Haw Senior Member of the Engineering Staff, SMAP project, JPL
• Alternate Water Systems
  Carlos Borja, Chief Environmental Specialist, L.A. County Department of Public Health

January 7, 2014   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Traffic & Parking in Altadena: CHP
  California Highway Patrol Officers Thomas Miller & Xavier Bejar
  Tommy Muttaraid, Traffic and Lighting Division, Los Angeles County Public Works

November 5, 2013   Meeting Notes
• Recent shootings near Glenrose and Altadena Drive, Crime Stats and what you as neighbors can do to continue the downward trend in violent crimes
  Lt. Eric Lasko, Altadena Sheriff’s Station

September 24, 2013   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Altadena Town Council Update
  Diane Marcussen, Chairperson
• PUSD Update on Common Core Standards, Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), PUSD Master Planning Process/ Master Plan Value Statements and School/City/Community Work Plan (SCCWP)
  Kim Kenne, Pasadena Unified School District [PUSD] Board Member for District

May 28, 2013   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Altadena Sheriff's Update
  Lt. Eric Lasko
• Green/Food Co-Op - "drought-tolerant" vegetation in Altadena, organic foods/groceries in Altadena, the new Arroyo food Co-Op
  Green/Food Co-Op Ellen Walton
  Green/Food Co-Op Mia Dunn
  Green/Food Co-Op Alex Berrie
• Altadena Heritage
  Mark Goldschmidt
• MonteCedro Update
  James S. Rothrock of MonteCedro
• Update on CERT "Zones"
  Holly Rundberg

March 26, 2013   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Answers to questions raised by ACONA members about “street issues,” traffic
  Paul Barbe, Civil Engineer with the Traffic and Lighting Division of LA County
• Open Communications between Neighborhood Watch Groups & Altadena Sheriff's
  Captain John Benedict, Altadena Sheriffs
  Jeff Sedlik, “Neighborhood Watch Map Guru”

November 27, 2012   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Traffic in Altadena
  Paul Barbe, Civil Engineer with the Traffic and Lighting Division of LA County
  Captain Strull, CHP
• Fire Safety, preparing for Santa Ana winds and possible fires coming down to Altadena
  Stephanie English, Community Services Liaison for Division III Fire Station 73

June 26, 2012   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Altadena Chamber of Commerce: Retail issues in Altadena, Obstacles to improving the retail landscape, Chamber Business Survey results
  Ed Meyers
  Daniel Harlow
  Lori Webster
  Interview with Alex Cortes – El Patron
• Update and open Q&A on Community Issues
  Altadena Sheriff’s Captain John Benedict

March 27, 2012   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• “Noise and Nuisance" Issues in Altadena
  Cole Landowski, Chief of the Environmental Hygiene Program, LA County
• Altadena Shake-Out Drill
  Steve Reagan Block Captain New York Drive at Allen
• Ralphs: Issues both sides with store on Lake Avenue
  Ed Meyers, Altadena Chamber of Commerce
  Ericka Lozano-Buhl, Initiated a petition on

January 24, 2012   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• “Let’s get better cell coverage in Altadena!”
  Rich Roche, External Affairs Director, AT&T
  Ted Tsagris, Senior Manager Development Construction, T-Mobile
  Linda Paul, Real Estate and Zoning Manager, T-Mobile
  Tim O'Malley, Mgr, System Performance Inland Empire Verizon Wireless
• Impact of USPS Closures in Pasadena on Altadena
  Michael Evans, President American Postal Workers Union of California
  Phillip M. Warlick, American Postal Workers Union of California
• Altadena Shake-Out Drill
  Steve Reagan Block Captain New York Drive at Allen

November 1, 2011   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Trash in Altadena
  Thor Schmidt, General Manager of Athens
  Paul Alva, Franchise Garbage Disposal, Los Angeles County
  Tomas Soli, Operations Manager Athens
  Luis Sanchez, Altadena Route Supervisor Athens
• Neighborhood Watch
  Natalie Salazar, Director CLEPP Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
  Sgt. Michael D. Randenberg & Dty. Ronnie Manier, Community Relations, Altadena Sheriff's
  Holly Rundberg, ACONA's expert on Neighborhood Watch/ Neighborhood Associations
  Jeff Sedlik, Creator of the AltadenAlert Neighborhood Watch Map

August 9, 2011   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Filming in Altadena
  Geoffrey Smith, Film LA
  Russ Fega, Home Shoot Home/ Altadena Community Chest
• Liquor Stores in Altadena
  Alex Garcia, Department of Regional Planning
  Anthony Posada, Supervising Investigator- ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control)
  Christina Hernandez, Treasurer Tax Collector--Business License and Collection Services Unit
  Anthony Posada, Supervising Investigator- ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control)
  Nicole Gomez, ABC
• VIDA: Vital Intervention and Directional Alternatives
  Dty. Scott Wengert, Altadena Sheriff's Station

May 24, 2011   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Group Homes
  Tanganica Turner, Field Representative of State Assembly Member Anthony Portantino
• Altadena Sheriff’s Station Dispatch
  Lt. Roosevelt Johnson
• Animal Care and Control
  Lance Hunter, Animal Care & Control Manager, Baldwin Park Shelter
  Sgt. Zeke Morales, Field Sergeant, Altadena

March 29, 2011   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Liquor stores in Altadena; The appearance of neighborhoods; Can the county can pass a law to fine residences that play loud music or otherwise disturb neighborhoods?
  Sussy Nemer, Senior Deputy for Supervisor Michael Antonovich
• Nuisance abatement
  Carolyn Seitz

January 25, 2011   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• ACONAOnline.Org, ACONA’s new Website
  Elliot Gold
• CHP Speed Limits in Altadena
  Officer Thomas Miller & Officer Ming-Yang Hsu
• Training Teens to Talk to Sheriff’s Deputies when Stopped
  Sgt. Randenberg & Dty. Williams

November 8, 2010   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• Neighborhood Association Success Stories
  Sandy DeJardin, La Viña
  Nina Ehlig, SENCH

• Prototype Neighborhood Association Website
  Devra Hall Levy
• Neighborhood Emergency Training
  Natalie Salazar
• What is Nixel and how do you use it?
  Dty. Robert Boese

September 21, 2010   Meeting NotesPowerPoint Agenda
• BraeWatch
  Jeff Sed!ik
• Altadena Sheriffs - Mapping
  Sgt. Michael Randenberg
• List Serve options for neighborhood associations
  Ken Chow
• CERT training in October


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