Altadena Coalition of Neighborhood Associations

Miscellaneous Resources
Grillio article about food sustainability
  (Thank you to Kaleigh D. for this resource link)
Green Guide to Selling, Donating, and Recycling Old Clothing
What and How to Recycle: Plastics, Bottles, Cardboard and More
  • Downloadable Home Care Guide in English/Spanish/Vietnamese
  • Websites:
CDCCalif Dept of Public HealthLA County Covid info
From —
8 reasons to visit Altadena
How to be a good neighbor — Good advice for neighborhood associations
Crime Stoppers
Cyberbullying Guide for Parents
Zika virus updates from the LA County Public Health Department
The best way to keep mosquitos from biting
Booklet on how to protect against Invasive Aedes mosquitos
Water conservation/going green: Site with many links to resources.

Resources from May 28, 2024 virtual meeting
Altadena Library summer reading signup
Community Reading Challenge
LA County Parks & Recreation
summer activities
UWS bear-resistant carts
Report illegal dumping on The Works app or 888-253-2652
UWS customer service
LA County Public Works waste management
info for Altadena/Kinneloa

Resources from March 26, 2024 virtual meeting
Draft Accessory Dwelling Units Ordinance Amendment
Short Term Rental FAQs
GIS-Net: Check if your property is in a high fire danger zone
Detailed notes on garage conversion to ADU/JADU
Email for inquiries about STRs:

Resources from January 30, 2024 virtual meeting
Kathryn Barger's office
To sign up for email updates from the County
Site to search for existing construction permits
Altadena/Washington road improvements

Resources from November 29, 2023 virtual meeting
Devil's Gate
maintenance plan
Universal Waste Systems
Altadena WILD
Altadena Town Council Safe Streets
LA County Bicycle Master Plan Update
Site to give feedback on the Bicycle Plan
Altadena Drive/Washington Blvd. roadway
improvement project
West San Gabriel Valley Area Plan

Resources from September 26, 2023 virtual meeting
Altadena Farmers' Market website for online ordering
LACO Parkway trees
Bear-resistant cart
Direct link to form to order bear-resistant carts
SCE power outage status
medical baseline power allowance
SCE Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)
Calif. PUC
High Fire Threat District
Ready! Set! Go!
Foothill MWD: Water-saving plants
water-saving tips
Metropolitan WD
Foothill MWD

Resources from May 23, 2023 virtual meeting
American Reclamation website
Universal Waste Systems green waste
LA County Public Works Clean LA
Public Works
Solid Waster Information Management System
Polytechnic School
LA County's
Climate Action Plan
LA City's
draft wildlife ordinance

Resources from March 28, 2023 virtual meeting
Info on Altadena Library redesign: town hall meetings and updates
Department of Public Works

Resources from January 24, 2023 virtual meeting
AB43 Traffic Safety bill
Altadena Town Council Traffic Safety Report
Vision Zero email:
Vision Zero website
Transportation Injury Mapping System (

Resources from November 16, 2022 virtual meeting
Greywater Corps: residential grey water systems installer
SCE Critical Care Backup Battery
information flyer

Resources from May 24, 2022 virtual meeting
MWD rebates:
So Cal Water Smart
Be Water Wise
Foothill Metropolitan Water District
Small business links:
East LA Entrepreneur Center Brochure
LA County Office of Small Business
Legal aid
Consolidated Grants

Resources from March 22, 2022 virtual meeting
Altadena Historical Society
Altadena Town Council

Resources from January 25, 2022 virtual meeting
Athens compostable waste guidelines
SB 1383 page
Public Works
Vision Zero website
    Phone number to inquire about sponsorship & info: 1-833-894-5226
Clean Power Alliance

Resources from November 17, 2021 virtual meeting
GIS-Net Planning and Zoning Information
SB-9 (Housing Development: Approvals) text
SB-9 info
Stanford research on affordable housing benefits
Tahirah Farris email link
Lincoln Avenue Project Information
  Address: 2439 N Lincoln Avenue, Altadena
  Plan Numbers: RPPL2021006449 and RPPL2021006446.
  Questions can be addressed to Becky Cho, the county planner assigned to this project.

Resources from September 28, 2021 virtual meeting
COVID: Supervisor Barger's office contacts:
Anders Corey
Sussy Nemer
Fire information and resources
Ready! Set! Go! information site
Ready! Set! Go! planning guide (PDF)
Ready for Wildfire evacuation guide

Resources from May 25, 2021 virtual meeting
Water conservation-related rebates:
Water conservation information:

Resources from March 23, 2021 virtual meeting
Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services
Five Acres
LA County Trails
Email for comments on Eaton Canyon access:
Email for Jonathan Gonzalez, LA County Public Works parking restrictions:
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Email for Rebecca Barboza, Wildlife Biologist:

Resources from January 26, 2021 virtual meeting
Flintridge Center
Homeboy Industries
Compassionate Arts in Action
My Tribe Rise
Sheriff’s Department, Altadena Station, Marjorie Jacobs, Captain
Crime Stoppers

Resources from November 18, 2020 virtual meeting
LA County Emergency Alert System:
Firesafe roof vents:
Homeless outreach referral: l
Dana Vanderford, LA County Homelessness Policy Deputy:
Flyers for Covid vaccine trials:
UCLA flyerLundquist flyer

Resources from September 22, 2020 virtual meeting
LA County Public Works Resources:
   Returning Home after a Fire (pdf)
Fire-Wise Gardening (pdf)
Illegal Dumping information page
Pasadena Humane Society:
How to report a barking dog (or a crowing rooster)
   Steps to take, phone number to call
Report excessive dog waste:
   LA County Public Health
complaint form
   Environmental Health Customer Call Center: 888-700-9995
S.A.F.E. (Solvents/Automotive/Flammable/Electronics) Recycling
City of Pasadena
household battery/CFL drop-off info

Resources from May 26, 2020 virtual meeting
South Coast Air Quality Management District (
American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA)
Quiet Communities (leaf blower)
Altadena Library
announcement of new director with bio
Altadena Library main page
Altadena Connections e-newsletter (online editions & sign-up)
Safe Online Surfing — FBI site
National Cyber Security Alliance
Stop Cyberbullying government
Tips from the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team
Kid Power

Resources from January 28, 2020 meeting
Why topping hurts trees - from
Another article about tree topping - from the Deseret News
PUSD Master Planning process, data, and reports
PUSD Enrollment and Registration page
PUSD Open Enrollment information

Resources from November 20, 2019 meeting
Report robocalls:
Learn about robocalls and how to stop them:
Do Not Call Registry
FCC Caller ID Authentication (
How to Stop Robocalls
Tech Insider YouTube Video:
How to Stop Robocallers
LA County Homeless Outreach Portal

Resources from September 24, 2019 meeting
Athens Customer Service: 888-336-6100
Athens Bulky Item Pickup: 855-557-1007
County number to report illegal dumping: 888-838-6746
webpage on illegal dumping
County Office of Small Business

Resources from May 28, 2019 meeting
Devil's Gate Restoration
website (scroll down the page to sign up for emailed updates)
    Project email address:
    Project hotline: 626-458-2507
Tips for water conservation at home

Resources from March 26, 2019 meeting
Fire threat map
Clean Power Alliance website
  Customer Service:
    Phone: 888-585-3788; TTY: 323-214-1296
Net Energy Metering Factsheet
Understanding Your Bill
Financial Assistance Factsheet

Resources from January 30, 2019 meeting

LACO Regional Planning Accessory Dwelling Unit
Regional Planning local office
Title 12 code (re: noise standards)
California Air Resources Board
South Coast Air Quality Management District
SCAQMD exchange and rebate programs
Zero Air Pollution Los Angeles, a citizens' action group on leaf blowers
Ready! Set! Go! video
Ready! Set! Go! planning guide
Ready for Wildfire evacuation guide

Resources from November 27, 2018 meeting

Identity Theft:
A Victim's Guide to Fraud (PDF)
Vision Zero handout (PDF)
Fences/walls/hedges: CSD Voluntary Compliance
application (scroll down to Altadena CSD Fence, Wall & Hedge Registration)

Resources from September 25, 2018 meeting
ALA Report on Libraries:
From Awareness to Funding

Resources from May 22, 2018 meeting
LA Times story on two water cap bills awaiting the Governor's signature
The River Project - includes a link to Water LA
Southern California Edison number to call to speak to an arborist: 800-455-6555
California Urban Forest Council infographic on watering trees
Tree protection measures when changing landscaping

Resources from March 27, 2018 meeting
Athens YouTube Video: How sorting works (7 min.) - LA County Recycling website
Department of Agricultural Commissioner
3/26/18 LA Times story on coyotes
Coyote Cacher website
LA County's Altadena CSD Website
Fences/walls/hedges: CSD Voluntary Compliance
application (scroll down to Altadena CSD Fence, Wall & Hedge Registration)
LA County app to get approximate property lines (GIS-NET3)

Resources from January 23, 2018 meeting
The Works App (PDF flyer)
Altadena Guide to Essential Services (PDF)

Resources from November 28, 2017 meeting
Alma Fuerte Public School — Anne Lee, Director (
Odyssey Charter School — Lauren O'Neill, Executive Director (
Altadena Elementary School — Benita Scheckel, Principal (
Pasadena Waldorf School — Douglas Garrett, Business Administrator (

Resources from September 26, 2017 meeting
Metropolitan Water District Waterfix Information
Food and Water Watch opposing view article on Waterfix
Altadena Town Council minutes on Altadena Marketplace (scroll down to see the addendum to the minutes)
Altadena Library video (on YouTube)

Resources from May 23, 2017 Meeting
List of temporary flight restrictions (TFRs)
Drone operation and certification (14 C.F.R. Part 107)
S.B. 142 Legal blog on commercial drone use
Concerts in the Park
Open Studios
Check the
Links tab for a link to the map of Altadena Neighborhood Watches and Associations

Resources from March 28, 2017 Meeting
Pasadena Humane Society
Proposition 47
Proposition 57
Crime Stoppers

Resources from January 24, 2017 Meeting
Altadena Library
Grand Reopening and 50th Year Celebration
Summer Reading Program

Resources from November 27, 2016 Meeting
ALERT website
Regulations on drones

Resources from September 27, 2016 Meeting
Homicides and Assaults, July-September 2016
Salvador Esparza: Information requested poster

Resources from May 24, 2016 Meeting
Foothill Municipal Water District
League of American Bicyclists
Ready! Set! Go! video
Ready! Set! Go! planning guide

Resources from March 29, 2016 Meeting
NASA Groundwater Cleanup site
Devil's Gate Reservoir Sediment Removal and Management Project
Devil's Gate to Eaton Pipeline Grant documents
Informational video on the
Clean Water Act
Letter from local water companies expressing their view of the Devil's Gate to Eaton project [PDF]

Resources from January 26, 2016 Meeting
Los Angeles County's El Niño page. News and resources relating to El Niño.
Fire Weather/Fire Danger Outlooks - 7-day, monthly, and seasonal predictive outlooks
Hashtag for LA County El Niño-related information: #LARain
Filling and Stacking Sandbags - a video demonstrating the best way to do this — it's not as straightforward as you may think.
LA County Department of Public Works Video - a brief video giving steps to help prepare for El Niño
Tree pests:
Gold Spotted Oak Borer (GSOB)
Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (a new pest in Southern California)
Don't Move Firewood site
Benefits of Mulch
Fire Susceptibility of Mulches
Fire Hydrant Color-Coding:
Color Gallons/Minute
Blue 1500 or more
Green 1000-1499
Orange 500-999
Red 499 and below

Resources from November 3, 2015 Meeting
Animal noise complaint procedure
Animal noise complaint form
Humane Society:
“How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking: Six ways to control your dog's barking”
El Niño:
C.A.R.E. (Coordinated Agency Recovery Effort):
DPW 24-hour dispatch: 800-675-HELP (4357)
Twitter: @dpwCARE, @LAPublicWorks
Los Angeles County - The Works smartphone app
El Niño Preparation Information:

Resources from May 26, 2015 Meeting
SoCalWaterSmart rebates
Water-Saving Tips
Watering Trees (pdf)
How to Keep Trees Alive in the Drought (Tree People pdf)
Your Role In the Drought (pdf)
Robocall FAQ (pdf)
Saving water while traveling
See September 23, 2014 and March 4, 2014 meeting for additional resources

Resources from March 24, 2015 Meeting
LA County Resources (pdf)
Altadena Sheriff’s Social Media Handout (pdf)
Code Violation Q&A (pdf)
Rainfall for Pasadena Area (xls)

Resources from November 4, 2014 Meeting
Crime Stoppers:
Fire readiness:
Ready! Set! Go! video
Ready! Set! Go! planning guide
Safe Landscapes booklet
The drought:
Pasadena Water & Power Rebate program
Indoor Water Use Infographic

Resources from September 23, 2014 Meeting (see March 4, 2014 for greywater info)
Water company responses to community questions:
Las Flores Water Co.
Lincoln Avenue Water Co.
Rubio Cañon Water Co.
Pasadena Water & Power
Los Angeles County Water Conservation Ordinance (pdf)
Conservation rebates from FMWD:
Conservation tips:

Resources from March 4, 2014 Meeting
  Rob Haws on Drought, Part 1 (22MB)
Rob Haws on Drought, Part 2 (25MB)
Alternate Water Systems (PDF)

Resources from November 27, 2012 Meeting
  Traffic Safety Toolkit
  State Wide Integrated Traffic Records System (
SWITRS) Traffic accident reporting system
  LA County Fire Dept.
Ready! Set! Go! page on fire safety

Resources from November 1, 2011 Meeting
  Weed Abatement:
Department of Agricultural Commissioner

  Brush Cleanup on Hillsides:
Fire Department, Brush Clearing Unit: 626-969-2375

Resources from August 9, 2011 Meeting
  Filming in Altadena:
Altadena Community Chest
Home Shoot Home

  Liquor Stores in Altadena:
Alcohol Beverage Control

  Keep Me Wild:
  Coyote precautions

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